Sunday, September 6, 2009

You look just like my man Harpo

This post is pretty much self explanatory. I was out drinking (but not driving) and we stopped at a spot called Fatburger. That's when I noticed this guy who looked like Harpo Marx if BET gave him a makeover. (Basically he'd be black and he'd talk a lot. Exec 1: "Yeah but his hook is he doesn't talk". Exec 2: "I don't give a damn, Make him black and make him loud!" ) This isn't in the video but I was tipsy enough to wave at him and he came running out the restaurant over to the car. His happiness was like that of a man who hadn't seen another human for over 50 years. As he approaches the car my friend says "oh shit" under his breath (he was white and scared) and I say to the guy "Oh I'm sorry, but you look just like my man Harpo." He was so happy that someone was talking to him that it didn't ever register that I might be talking about Harpo Marx (or he doesn't know who Harpo Marx is). He shook my hand and went back into the restaurant. My friend began laughing uncontrollably and repeating the line "you look just like my man Harpo." He's still laughing to this day.

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