Monday, September 7, 2009


In NY the streets were abuzz over an elderly Harlem restaurant supply owner who killed 2 would be robbers with a shotgun and reopened his store the next day.

Rumor has it shopkeeper Charles (Gus) Augusto, 72 has been invited to join 50 Cents Hip Hop group G-unit. Please keep in mind this is just word on the street and nothing has been confirmed yet. In less than a week. Augusto's street cred increased exponentionally after shooting 4 (killing 2) criminals who tried to rob his store in Harlem. Numerous calls to Augusto have not been returned but that's understandable. It's not known whether he'll be replacing a current G-unit member just be an addition to the group. I'm torn on this rumor. One I think it's great that an
elderly man can be invited to join a platinum hip hop group. However I don't think it's cool that a person can win the respect of the streets because of his gun skills. He's 72 so I assume he'll just do local shows. All of that travel would be hell on a man of his age. It's not known yet if he'll rap or DJ. Many in the hip hop community think he may serve as the G-Unit hype man so that he won't be inundated with the difficult task of remembering lyrics. As of now this is just a rumor. When I get an official confirmation from the 50 Cent camp I'll pass it along.

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