Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yep some more nostalgia

When I found out that Jam Master Jay was the guest DJ for a week on Vibe I came up with this cheesy idea. It was shot down by a higher up and I assumed that was the end of it. I showed it to my man Geoff (a fellow writer and funny comedian) just to see what he thought. As he was reading it he said "oh this is funny" and walked out with the sketch in hand. So now I'm wondering where he's going because the sketch has already been shot down. Geoff comes back into the office and says "yo, come on, Bad (they called Sinbad, Bad, a nickname within a nickname, haha,) says we're doing the sketch". Geoff and Sinbad were really close friends. I was merely an employee at that point. I remember giving Vibe guitarist Toshi the script and asking him if he could remember the lines in rehearsal. He nailed it. During rehearsal we found out Jay had that song "Jam Master Jay" that he cut's up during the real Run DMC intro. After rehearsal the wardrobe department asked us what we needed to wear for the sketch. Jay heard them and got on the phone. "Yo what size do yall wear?" Next day a bunch of brand new Adidas gear arrives in time for the show. (Sinbad said our attire was fake. Not a chance.) Jay was a nice guy, he signed my Run DMC greatest hits CD too. I still have the Adidas and I still cherish the memory. "God damn that DJ made my day." - Run DMC Peter Piper

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