Monday, August 3, 2009

Marbury Madness

Craziness is based on perception and right now Stephon Marbury is perceived to be crazy. I'm sure you've seen the videos of Steph eating Vasaline......

and crying...

Let's examine how this NBA great in my opinion compares to other NBA greats.

Magic was known for passing the rock.

Steph is known for acting like he smoked the rock.

The NBA title was up for grabs and Kobe straight jacked it.

Steph acts like he needs a straitjacket.

Wilt claimed he bagged 20,000 groupies.

Some claim Steph may have smoked 20,000 bags of dust.

You know what? I'm a Knick fan ( I know he's no longer a Knick) and I'm a supporter of all NYC ball players (that list is too LONG too start naming names) so if you want me to remove this post I will. Ok, I might. But no one can deny that he brought this on himself. It's cool Steph. Crazy recognizes crazy. The web cam is the problem son. It's cool to eat Vaseline , hell you can make a Vaseline smoothie for all I care. Just don't do it in front of your web cam. I bet your friends Grandmother (who told you eating Vaseline was good for a sore throat) would beat your ass if she found out you did it on camera. Grandma: "I said eat it but not in front of the World!" It's also cool to cry to gospel songs but don't do it on purpose in front of your web cam. You knew that song made you cry before you played it. Now your boy is forced to console you again and this time it's on a web cam. If they recognize his hands on your shirtless body he may never hear the end of it. (I know the shirtless part is irrelevant but I'm just trying to be descriptive.)

Coming soon: The Starbury Straightjacket for crazy people who can't afford a name brand straitjacket. It has Steps number on the back (or front because straightjackets are on backwards anyway). By the way I'll be first on line to cop one.

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